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Every Wednesday, half price burgers are just with us!!!



Crispy bun, sprinkled with sesame seeds. Soft slices of cheese, fresh cutlet. Crispy salad, delicious sauce will not leave anyone indifferent.

Chicken burger

A crispy, dark-colored bun, sprinkled with sesame seeds. Slices of cheese, delicious patty. Fresh salad, tomato slices. Hearty chickenburger for every day.

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How do our masters work?

Every day we get fresh deliveries of meat, vegetables, bread, cheese and other ingredients that are directly used in the preparation of burgers. We do not use frozen or canned foods, only fresh and high-quality raw materials.

Our craftsmen carefully select and process each ingredient to preserve its taste, aroma and nutritional properties. We cut and shape the meat as needed to keep it fresh and juicy. We wash vegetables, clean and cut them by hand so that they maintain their texture and appetizing appearance.

We bake burger bread every day fresh on site to keep it warm, fragrant and crispy. Cheeses we choose the most delicious and high quality so that they give the burger an additional aroma and tenderness.

All this combined with the carefully masterful preparation of burgers give our customers a unique taste and quality. We're sure you'll appreciate our burgers and want to come back to us over and over again.

delicious food


Chicken burger

Large amounts of sauce, grilled chicken and fresh vegetables.



Summer freshburger with delicious chicken fillet cutlet.



A savoury chilli burger with a spicy finish and fresh vegetables.



Big patty, crispy fried onions, signature haze sauce.

Our advantages

Burger Chip Fast Food Cafe can take the order right now. We care about the interests of our customers and are ready to satisfy the appetites of every foodie. Our range includes a large selection of drinks, burgers, rolls, snacks, sauces, salads, desserts. Order now, all the products in the catalog are available!

  • 1. round-the-clock food delivery is inexpensive;
  • 2. always delicious and fresh food; 
  • 3. Respond quickly to all customer requests 
  • 4. affordable prices for fast food; 
  • 5. guarantees of delivery efficiency; 
  • 6. various loyalty stocks.

24-hour food delivery

Interested in fast burger delivery? Burger Chip Cafe is ready to provide an operational response to the appeal and offer a wide range of fast foods. We provide delivery at home to the client, to the office, sports club, entertainment center, sauna in 24/7 mode. Competent consultants are ready to kindly answer all questions of interest, to offer the optimal solution to meet the need of each client for tasty and satisfying food.


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  • Phone (907) 225-4540
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